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Friday, December 6, 2013

Australia has been having some pretty strange weather patterns this year, including severe bushfires in spring, and 31 degree days in winter. Nonetheless, I've become attached to a few items of clothing throughout the season. Yesterday, at the YouTube meetup (read more about it here), I wore my comfortable, but fashionable clothing out, hoping to get a photo with the famous YouTubers. Unfortunately, I did not, but on with the topic!

What I'm wearing:

  • BCKO Black Mesh Knit (Purchased in China, so you'll most likely not be able to find this exact item
    This mesh knit is a really nice asset to my wardrobe and is perfect for those weather occasions when it's too hot for a jacket but too cold for a t-shirt. I have absolutely started loving this knit this season, because Australia's weather is always so unpredictable!

  • Boxer Navy Mid-Calf Cardigan (Handed down from Mum)
    I remember digging around for new clothes in my mum's wardrobe and coming across this! This cardi is the best thing in my clothes collection right now; I wear it even if it's boiling hot! It's a bit thick for summer now, but it's a great look and I absolutely love the collar and the baggy style!

  • Levi's Hi Rise Faded Skinny Jeans
    I purchased these jeans in America, and they were so cheap compared to the jeans in Australia. At almost half price, I could not believe how comfortable and practical these jeans are! They're stylish and can be cuffed above the ankles or worn normally according to whatever look you're going for. I've become a huge fan of high-waisted shorts and jeans recently and these look so so so good!

  • TOPSHOP Orange Cream Lace Trim Socks
    These cute socks are the newest things in my wardrobe; I only got them last week! While at Schools Spectacular, I took my chance of being in the city to shop in
    TOPSHOP, where they had a great sale on socks of 3 for $18 instead of $8 each! They're so cute, aren't they? My outfits are instantly better with these little treasures.

  • Converse All Star Optical White Low Top Shoes
    Of course, I have the Converses that everybody has. They're so beautiful though, I love the white on white, and how they changed the rubber lining to a bright red! I pair these shoes usually with ankle socks and cuffed jeans, but I've discovered that frilly socks work too!

- Rachel
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